HGMC – spring 2012 Preview

Confid3ntial teams up with Hi Gear Motorcycle Club, sneak peek right here!

Confid3ntial x Super Music Group™

Confid3ntial sprinkle a lil flavor into the music world, co working with @thegiftd and @liquilife on logo and web site development and execution….MASSIVE steps!!  The down town Miami based,  Super Music Group  ( follow them here ) are a full service boutique music firm, with a focus on artist development. They manage @amtrac and @derekwalin [...]


Confid3ntial teams up with rumbatime,  have a gander on a few things we`ve been working on! available on shopbop, gooo on spend a penny!

SHHHHSH.. in the works but!!!

PROJECTELEVEN IN THE WORKS…  watch this space..” its not what`s happening now… its what`s happening next”….


Resent pitch to the highly popular BBC T.V show TopGear, see what ya think folks!

J.ALEXANDER.. The Confid3ntial way…

The founder of a fashion mind Mr J.Alexander gets struck with the wonderful magic want of the C3 crew. A royal approach they elevates a fine selection of men`s bespoke tailoring, i mean come`on nothing says it better than black, purple, silver and white right??

Sticky with syrup…

Great news at the end of 2010 for the big “C”….. Confid3ntial teams up with international communications agency Syrup who have headquarters in New York City and Stockholm to dissect and reconstruct the new PUMA KING ad campaign… due to drop in Europe next spring, here`s a sneak peek….

A sprinkle of C3 hits the Shed…

A few weeks back stumbling through twitter i cam a cross a mention saying Confid3ntial had been referred by our past clients Leeds United Americas to do a job for the ever so trust worthy blog “the scratching shed” ,  a famous name within Leeds united culture which is now replaced by the south stand. [...]


Being based in NEW YORK is an absolute honor when it comes to natural unplanned inspiration, carrying the ever “trusty” canon s90 lets you capture anything and everything when on your daily ventures of the “concrete jungle” that New Youurk City is… check it out folks…

“Everything is Practice”

Today Nike introduce the full length version of “Everything is Practice”, a short film with Spike Lee assistant coaching his sons soccer league at the Sara D. Roosevelt Park field in Chinatown, New York. Directed by Jake Sumner. Photography by Nabil Elderkin.