We are Confid3ntial, a branding, design, and culture house nobody really talks about.

So what is “brand”.
To be blunt, NO it’s not your logo, colours, or fonts.
A brand is a personal and emotional response to a product, service, or organisation. It’s the way your customers, aka your “Tribe”, react when they engage with it or the feeling that it leaves behind.
A brand lets your tribe know exactly what to expect from you and it will differentiate you and what you’re offering from those nasty pound-pinching rivals and competitors.

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A brand will define who you are, who you want to be and the way people perceive you. In essence It will paint a prefect detailed picture that your “tribe” will relate to.
A brand is what your customers say it is, not what you do.
Ya dig? If so then read on…
We secretly create brands that are strategically grounded, culturally relevant, and a little bit unexpected.
So, If you’re a fully-established company or a shiny new start up chomping at the bit, there’s no hiding it, you’re about to expose something great to the big wide world for it to see in all its glory. 
Let’s collaborate, we will guide you on your journey to reveal your greatness through a blend of creative passion, strategic insight and off the record ideas, delivering your brand to a more meaningful, effective and impactful destination. 

We will help you strategise create position design visualise launch reposition humanise your brand through...

Brand Purpose
Brand Mission & Vision
Brand Values
Brand Archetypes
Company Culture
Customer Behaviour
Competitor Analysis
Strategic Awareness
Niche marketing
Tactical Positioning
Design & Creative
Brand Visualisation
Logo & Identity
Brand Voice 
Style Guides & ToolKits

If I could give Confid3ntial an infinity of stars I would! Wes keeps up with any and everything necessary to brand your business. He is thorough and cares about what is being created. He gives attention to every detail and the end result is beyond what you could even imagine.

Noreen Wall Founder of Create{Her}

Went above and beyond to create modern, distinctive designs. Responded quickly and delivers an impressive selection of ideas. Will be working with them again much more in future!

Nick Entwistle Creative Director and Founder of the Bank of Creativity

Working with Confid3ntial was a pleasure start to finish. His ideas are unique and fresh yet refined and authentic. Great guy and incredible finished product. Can’t recommend him enough!

Miles Kent Founder Of Signal Flare Studios

Confid3ntial took time with us and always offered ideas and the creative juices were always flowing. We would definitely recommend him for all your design needs.

Scott Marsh CEO & Founder of Respectful Care

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