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Startup is a visionary wellness brand focused on redefining menopause. It serves as a platform for empowerment, offering innovative products and resources tailored for women navigating this transitional period of life. With its commitment to open dialogue and community support, has quickly become a leader in the wellness space, advocating for a positive and informed approach to menopause.


The primary challenge for was crafting a brand that could change the narrative around menopause, encouraging men and women alike to embrace this 'second act' of life. The brand needed to be a statement for change, providing a space where voices are heard and discussions about menopause are conducted without shame or discomfort. This involved tackling societal taboos and promoting a more open, supportive dialogue about the natural, albeit often challenging, changes experienced during this period.


The strategy began with a comprehensive brand workshop working alongside Ash Rathod of DFC Studio and Martin Zarian of Factory39, focusing on the core purpose: "Transform how mid-life ‘feels’." The semi-colon, a key element of the visual brand identity, symbolised pause, reflection, and continuation, essential aspects of navigating menopause. This foundation helped us develop a cohesive and purpose-driven brand identity, encapsulating the essence of advocacy and support. This identity was meticulously carried through all branding materials, from packaging to website design, to ensure consistent messaging that speaks directly to the community serves.


Driven by strategic and creative guidance, not only secured significant investment but also established a robust presence in both UK high street stores ( Exclusive deals with Boots ) and global markets within just 12 months. More importantly, the brand has cultivated a vibrant community and become a trusted resource for individuals experiencing menopause.’s journey from strategy to shelf exemplifies the impact of purpose-driven branding in creating meaningful connections and encouraging a supportive dialogue around menopause.

Hilary Leam, UK


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