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Leave No Child Behind

Brand Strategy + Brand Identity + App Design + UI + UX + Illustration + Character Design + Graphic Design + Print Design + Web Design

Kinderspiele is an innovative German tech-education brand tailored for expat and non-German speaking children. By integrating educational technology with engaging design, Kinderspiele has crafted a suite of tools that enhance learning experiences. The brand has been pivotal in transforming educational interactions through a user-friendly app complemented by beautifully designed educational materials.







The Request:

The challenge for Kinderspiele was to create an educational platform that not only caters to the unique needs of expat and non-German speaking children in Germany but also aligns with the country's rigorous educational standards. The brand needed to navigate complex requirements to develop a product that was both appealing and educational, helping to bridge language barriers and cultural differences in learning environments.

The Response:

Our comprehensive approach included developing a strategic brand identity and a full spectrum of design services—from app design and user interface (UI) to user experience (UX), illustration, character design, graphic design, print design, and web design. We facilitated workshops that honed in on the mission of making learning fun and accessible, resulting in an app and supporting materials that are visually appealing and pedagogically sound, ensuring no child is left behind. Our team's creative expertise was pivotal in delivering characters and visuals that capture children's imaginations and create a love for learning.

The Return:

Kinderspiele has made a significant impact on the educational landscape. The app and accompanying books have been incorporated into early year education across Germany, revolutionising how children engage with language and cultural content. The brand's success led to recognition and adoption by the Munich state government and contributed to changes in the Bavarian education system. Furthermore, Kinderspiele's range of products, including books, sticker albums, and party accessories, have enriched the educational journey of countless children, making learning an exciting adventure.