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Blended Teams

Brand Strategy + Brand Identity + Creative Direction + Sales Collateral Design + Brochure Design + Social Media Design + Graphic Design

Jelli Recruitment stands out in the talent acquisition industry by not just placing individuals but strategically embedding blended teams into businesses. This innovative approach ensures that companies gain not only skilled professionals but cohesive units that drive business success from day one.



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Jelli Recruitment

The Request:

The main challenge was to effectively communicate Jelli Recruitment’s unique approach of providing "Blended Teams" rather than just individual hires. This concept needed to be clearly articulated and visually represented in all aspects of the brand to differentiate Jelli from conventional recruitment services and highlight their comprehensive solution to workforce integration.

The Response:

From an insightful strategy session, the concept of "Blended Teams" was born. This led to the development of a dynamic brand identity that encapsulates the essence of integrated team dynamics. We then extended this new brand identity across various platforms, designing a user-friendly website, crafting unique social media creatives, establishing a distinctive tone of voice, and producing engaging brochures and marketing materials. Each element was designed to reinforce the message of team cohesion and business integration.

The Return:

The revamped brand identity and comprehensive marketing approach significantly enhanced Jelli Recruitment's market presence. The clear articulation of the "Blended Teams" concept has resonated well with companies looking for ready-made teams that can seamlessly integrate into their operations. Jelli Recruitment has seen a notable increase in client engagement and satisfaction, cementing their reputation as a leader in innovative recruitment solutions.

Bryony Stickells, UK

Co-founder of Jelli Group and Curator of Talent 

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