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Fabricate A Future For Generations To Come

Brand Strategy + Brand Identity + Culture + Interior Design + Signage + Training Material + Graphic Design + Print Design

Schüco, renowned for its high-quality window and facade systems, embarked on an ambitious initiative to weave sustainability and forward-thinking into the very core of its operations. The company's revitalised purpose, "Fabricate a future for generations to come," aimed to fundamentally align Schüco's values and corporate culture with its long-term vision.





Schüco UK

The Request:

The central challenge was to redefine and integrate Schüco's company values in a way that would inspire a transformative culture program. The objective was not only to refine internal practices but to reflect this new ethos clearly and consistently across all external brand manifestations. The challenge was to ensure that every facet of the company from internal operations to customer-facing aspects echoed this renewed commitment to sustainability and innovation.

The Response:

Through a strategic purpose session, we crystallised the company's aspirations into the powerful tagline "Rise High," which catalyzed numerous development initiatives including the launch of the Schüco Academy. This tagline and the newly defined brand values drove a comprehensive rebranding effort that included a £2 million investment in building redesign. This extensive project touched every aspect of the brand presence, from interior design enhancements to fresh signage, engaging wall decals, and dynamic graphic wall art. Additionally, the brand guidelines were expanded, and training and marketing collateral was revitalised to broadcast Schüco's refined message effectively.