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More Than Just A Number

Brand Strategy + Brand Identity + Uniform Design + Apparel Design + Social Media + Graphic Design + Print Design

OTB Coaching is a dynamic football coaching company dedicated to nurturing young talent both on and off the pitch. Specialising in holistic development, OTB Coaching offers tailored programs that combine physical training with mental coaching, ensuring

well-rounded growth for children, schools, and teams.






OTB Coaching

The Request:

The challenge was to create a brand that transcends the traditional coaching model, emphasising the philosophy that children are more than just numbers in modern-day sports and society. OTB Coaching needed a brand identity that would resonate deeply with communities, inspire engagement, and highlight their commitment to personal and athletic growth.

The Response:

We developed a comprehensive brand strategy that articulated OTB Coaching’s unique approach and values. This strategy informed the creation of a distinctive brand identity, including uniform and apparel design that players could wear with pride. Additionally, we rolled out an effective social media and print design that communicated the brand’s core messages and engaged a broader audience. The designs reinforced the ethos of individual attention and the importance of mental well-being alongside physical prowess.