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Human First Fitness

Brand Strategy + Brand Identity + App Design + Sales Collateral Design + Brochure Design + Social Media Design + Graphic Design

Truth Fitness redefines what it means to be a fitness company by putting a human-first approach at the forefront of its services. Catering to high net worth and high-profile business leaders, Truth Fitness emphasises personalisation and human interaction in its fitness programs, ensuring that technology enhances rather than replaces the human touch.





Truth Fitness

The Request:

The main challenge was to communicate and embody the "Human First Fitness" ethos in every aspect of the brand, making clear that despite the use of technology, the personal, human aspect remains paramount. This was particularly crucial for their clientele who value tailored, one-on-one interactions that cater specifically to their busy, high-stakes lifestyles.

The Response:

In collaboration with Ash Rathod from DFC and Martin Zarian from Factory39, we embarked on a comprehensive rebranding initiative that spanned from the ground up. This included revamping the social media presence, redesigning presentation templates, refining creative direction, updating brand guides, and overhauling internal documents and sales collateral. Central to our strategy was the redesign of the fitness app and website, where we integrated user-friendly technology with personal coaching touchpoints.

The Return:

Since the rebrand, Truth Fitness has elevated its position in the market as a leader in premium, personalized fitness services. The new branding resonates deeply with the target audience, blending high-tech solutions with the irreplaceable human element. The fitness app and website have become pillars of Truth Fitness's offering, significantly enhancing user engagement and satisfaction. The company's commitment to "Human First Fitness" is now vividly reflected across all platforms, reinforcing their ethos of being more than just a fitness provider but a life-enhancing partner to their clients.