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We are Confid3ntial, a visionary design and branding agency rooted in Nottingham, UK, since 2022, thanks to Wes Henstock and John Protheroe. We stand as a sanctuary for those driven by purpose in the branding and design realm, weaving mischief with strategy to not just meet but leap beyond expectations. Guided by our ethos "Pixels with Purpose," we empower brands to break from the ordinary, enabling businesses to establish their distinct presence in the market.


As a collective of creative minds, strategists, and pioneers, we share a passion for impactful work. Our collaboration and innovative spirit drive us to push limits, aiming to deliver beyond what's expected while contributing to something larger than ourselves.

Proudly, our global team of multidisciplinary experts has joined forces on projects for renowned brands like Schuco UK, Raheem Sterling Foundation, and CAT, among others, partnering with leading agencies worldwide.

Our creative arsenal is rich with insight and the spirit of rebellion. Whether it's designing eye-catching logos, crafting narrative-rich websites, producing stand-out packaging, or launching groundbreaking ad campaigns, we ensure every project narrates your unique story — making it memorable, impactful, and courageously distinct.



Founder | Strategist

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Our CTO (Chief Trouble Officer) stands at the helm of Confid3ntial, fuelled by a passion to weave purpose into the very fabric of brand and branding.

Wes Henstock channels his branding expertise into every venture. From steering global sports franchises and collaborating with brands like The Raheem Sterling Foundation, NY Islanders,, Schüco, and PepsiCo, to shaping seasonal collections of renowned fashion houses such as DKNY, Puma, Tommy Hilfiger, FUBU, and Giorgio Armani, his portfolio reflects a legacy of transformation and success.

Wes's approach—inspired by his training with Marty Neumeier— blends meaningful strategic mastery with purposeful design, creating brand experiences that don't just stand out but stand for something.

His leadership empowers organisations to embody their vision, nurturing a culture of innovation and authenticity in the branding landscape.



Head Creative

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Our CMO ( Chief Mischief Officer ) carries the banner of creativity at Confid3ntial, with a storied 15-year quest threading through the realms of branding, digital artistry, and advertising.

John's creative conquests have bolstered visibility and engagement for brands like Shell, Campari, and Starbucks, demonstrating his flair for breathing life into concepts that captivate the market.

His artistic arsenal boasts creations that set the stage for Goldie's U.S. tour and Metalheadz Record Label, as well as shopper campaigns and experiential designs for Dr. Oetker and Mercedes-Benz.

John's signature lies in his ability to infuse every design with a narrative that speaks volumes, capturing the essence of storytelling with each visual feat.



Care and

Relationships are the bedrock of Confid3ntial. Beyond contracts, our commitment to care and loyalty shapes our partnerships. Prioritising relationships over transactions, we build a community around our brand, one that values each connection. This foundation of trust and mutual respect is pivotal, guiding our interactions and creating impactful brand experiences.



'Creativity, Quantified.' is the mantra. This means each design emerges from the intersection of creative communication and effectiveness. We champion 'It works' over 'I like it,' ensuring our creativity transcends personal preference to deliver strategic, impactful results. It’s creativity with a purpose, where every concept is meticulously crafted to captivate and convert.


Unity in

Our strength lies in our unity. Confid3ntial thrives on collaboration, where every project is a collective pursuit towards excellence. By uniting under shared goals, we celebrate each victory together, and encourage an environment where innovation flourishes. Together, we create not just outcomes but legacies.


Be a

In everything we do, we've got your back. At Confid3ntial, being a 'WingMan' means we're always here to support and guide our clients and team. We're all about helping each other win, offering the right advice and support to overcome any challenge. Success is a team sport, and we're committed to getting everyone across the finish line, together.


Stand Firm
and Defy

This encapsulates our spirit of resilience and our readiness to face challenges head-on. This value is about holding strong to our convictions, even when the going gets tough, and daring to defy expectations to achieve
the extraordinary. It’s our belief
in bouncing back stronger, never giving up, and pushing boundaries that defines our path to success. Together, we stand resilient, turning obstacles into opportunities to innovate and grow.


Courageous Collaboration

Defying the norm is in our DNA. Challenging conventions, we embrace the bravery required to innovate and redefine boundaries alongside our clients. We pair with those who dare to dream, embarking on ventures that push boundaries and redefine industries. This courageous collaboration is our pledge to not just navigate the status quo but to disrupt it, crafting experiences that pave the way for innovation and change.


Our portfolio spans a dynamic range of global clients and agency partners,

from industry giants to emerging start-ups and everything in between



Beyond visual appeal, we infuse each creation with purpose. Our Strategy and designs carry a mission, echoing our dedication to not just stand out visually but to resonate with purpose on a global scale. It's about transforming strategy into narratives that don't just capture eyes but hearts and minds.


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